Windows vs Mac : Which Should I Buy

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you just decide to buy a new PC or laptop, the first question comes to your mind may be that which one should you buy a Windows PC or Mac?

The answer of this question depends from person to person, Still, here we are going to discuss 4 major differences between the windows os and Mac os devices. So that you can decide which one should you buy. We all know that PC is generally powered by Windows Os  and Mac devices are powered by Mac Os X. These both have a similarity and that is, both are actually operating systems which provide a user interface to you manage the hardware and it’s capabilities.

When we look at Windows and Mac os the difference is just that they both provide different ways from each other to do the same work. It is like, you want to reach a place i.e ‘place A’ and you have two ways to reach there either by Path 1 or Path 2.

Let’s have a look through the differences between Windows and Apple Mac Os X

1. Price – The first difference comes to everyone’s mind might be the price . The Mac os x powered devices actually costs way higher than the Windows PC. Apple mac Os x can be only installed in Apple machines whereas the Windows can be installed in any machine which is fairly capable to run it. Just because of the lower price Windows powers more than 93 percentage of personal computers and the Mac os X just holds 5 percentage of percentage of PC in world.

2.User interface –The second major difference between Windows os and Mac os X is the user interface, both of these gives you a totally different user interface environment from each other. You might need to change your shortcut habits if you plan to change your OS. Because both of them uses totally different shortcut keys to do the tasks.

3. Availability – If you just plans to buy Apple Mac device than you have a narrow area for selection and finding the best Mac for you. But in case if you plans to buy Windows PC than you have a wide range of devices , manufacturers, features for selecting the best PC for you.
Reason for this kind of difference is that Apple is the only Manufacturer for its Mac devices . But for Windows the manufacturer’s list is very fairly long i.e HP ,Dell,Acer,Asus ,Lenovo and a lot more.So you can find the exact device according to your need.

4. Security – As we discussed earlier that the user base for Windows PC is much higher than the Mac. This difference makes Windows more vulnerable and targeted for attackers etc. On the other hand, Mac is built on Unix so that makes it secured by many of virus attacks etc. That doesn’t mean that Mac is totally hundred percent Virus and vulnerability proof. Mac devices are reported to being vulnerable to some viruses and malicious codes. But still in terms of security Apple os X is slightly more secured.


Mac and Windows both are nice operating systems . Choosing one of them can be a personal choice of anyone. Both of these have their own stand. You can choose any of them,  according to your need and requirement. I had written All major differences.

I hope this article will help you deciding Windows PC vs Mac. we had discussed the major differences between both Windows and Mac. Which device would you really select a Windows PC or Mac ? Give answer in the comments section below with reasons.


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