Why Do Smartphones Heat Up : How to stop over heating

Our Smartphones are really smart to handle all of our tasks with in seconds. But Smartphones do get in over-heating trouble sometimes while making our life easier . Normal heating is usual and harmless, during standard usage . But overheating can make serious damage to your Smartphone and its counter parts. Reason of over-heating may be from heavy usage to operating system bug .  Now let’s find out why your smart phone gets heat up .

Reasons of over-heating 

Smartphones can do a lot of tasks. but pushing your smart phone over the limit will definitely make it suffer. You may have noticed heating problem whenever you performs heavy tasks such as 4K recording etc . But why does this occur ?

Whenever you use Smartphone , the electrons move inside your Smartphone’s processor. This movement of electrons generate heat in your Smartphone . But when heavy tasks are performed that generates huge rush of electrons inside processor . That can make your smart phone to over-heat.

Charging – During the charging process , battery of Smartphone generates heat . But using your smart phone during charging process will make it overheat. Let me explain – Because during charging processor is already doing a heavy task of charging. But when you start browsing apps on your Smartphone that will push the processor to near the edge. And eventually over heat.

Another reason for over-heating can be software bug or malfunctioning. That is normally solved by manufacturer’s OTA updates. Over heating may damage your Smartphone’s battery and it’s motherboard. If your Smartphone continues to over-heat even on standby mode ,  then you should contact service center.

There should be proper air vent for heat dissipation .so if you had protected your smartphone with flip cover or back cover . these covers can lock the heat in the smartphone. so heat will be not be dissipated .and we all know heat is enemy for your smartphone .

How to stop over-heating

  • Remove unwanted apps and games which you don’t use frequently
  • Try to avoid heavy tasks which aren’t required
  • Keep a healthy charge cycle
  • Check your battery if it’s bulging replace it immediately .
  • Avoid direct contact of heat to smart phone
  • try to remove backcover or flipcover if any.

As long as you take proper care of your Smartphone ,it won’t overheat generally . While it may become little warm because they are designed to work in that you way. Does your Smartphone overheats up or not . Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading our article .

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