What’s The Difference Between RAM and ROM

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]AM and ROM, most common terms in computer and electronics world. Probably you may know that both of these are mostly used in our computer systems and Smartphones.But there might be some confusion in your mind regarding RAM and ROM. Don’t worry after reading this article there wouldn’t be any confusion. So Here we will find the difference between RAM and ROM.

Short introduction: RAM stands for RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY. As the name suggests, RAM is not a permanent storage memory. Ram is used for storing programs and applications while required by CPU. The data stored in RAM is automatically cleaned when you cut-off the power supply.

On the other hand, ROM stands for” READ ONLY MEMORY “. As you can easily understand by its name that its read only , you can’t modify it. ROM doesn’t lose its data during power cut-off. So it’s a permanent storage memory. It is mainly used for firmware data storage. You shouldn’t be confused between ROM and hard drive. The hard drive is the storage where you store media and other files on your computer.


What is Ram

RAM is random access memory which used to be randomly accessed by CPU. Random access memory is required to provide the data quickly to CPU. RAM needs to provide data at the same rate as your processor running. So that you don’t feel any lag.The more RAM your PC has, more multitasks your PC can perform, respecting to your processor power.

RAM is used to store programs temporarily while you are using your PC or computer. RAM is way faster than other types of memory. RAM itself is also further classified in following types

1.S-RAM (Static RAM)

2.D-RAM (Dynamic RAM )

There are further DDR (Double data rate ) ram generations, which are currently used in our latest gadgets. Your latest PC or laptop might be running on DDR3 or DDR4 RAM.


What is Rom

ROM which means Read only memory. In simple terms, ROM is just a small amount of data storage which used by your PC during its boot-up operation. ROM chip has the limits for storing data multiple times. ROM is less costly compared to ROM.  The initial required Data for ROM is inserted during manufacturing. So this data can’t be modified further easily. That is why it is called as “Read only memory”. For example, UEFI and BIOS menus are installed in ROM chip. because UEFI and BIOS are needed permanently to boot up your PC. And both of these don’t generally require modification.

ROM also has its different types such as MASK ROM, PROM, EPROM etc.


So after reading this article, you might have understood the difference between RAM and ROM. But if still there is any kind of query in your mind regarding this article, Please do let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading this article!



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