What To Do When Touchpad IS Not Working In Windows 10 Laptop

touchpad not working

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]rackpad plays an important role in our laptops for providing navigation. When you buy a new Windows 10 laptop, there is a probability that you might face trackpad errors during starting days. Which might give you a headache. But generally, you don’t need to worry about it.

Because trackpad errors happen mainly due to software problems or you might have pressed a special function key combination. Here in this article, we had figured out all the main causes for trackpad errors. Which will help you to bring your trackpad back to track again!


Main causes for trackpad not working :

1. You might accidentally disabled trackpad using function keys
2. You might have installed wrong drivers for trackpad
3. There may be hardware problems in your laptop related to touchpad

These three reasons can disable your laptop’s trackpad. Two of these reasons can be sorted out easily without much hassle. but the third reason which is a hardware problem, which should be sorted by laptop service center or a skilled technician only. all of these methods are tried and tested by myself, because  I also suffered from trackpad issues in past.

Function keys: You can try function keys combination to enable your touchpad. i.e Function+F5 , Function+F6 . These key combinations might be different for your laptop. so you have to try all function keys combinations possible. For a hint, you can look to icons printed on function keys.

Generally, the function key related to touchpad for Windows 10 has a diagonal icon with touchpad icon. In the case of Lenovo IdeaPad series, you can simply enable or disable touch-pad by just pressing F5 key. and In case of Hp laptops, you can try Fn+F6 So you have to use a Hit and Trial method for combinations of function keys. you can also try to read the manual for your laptop which might help you find the right key combinations for enabling touchpad.

Touchpad drivers:  if function keys combination didn’t work. there are chances, that there might be driver related issues. so try to update the touchpad drivers. Sometimes wrongly installed drivers can create issues. so make sure to confirm that drivers are correct and updated.

Try to download touchpad drivers from manufacturer’s site to ensure that those are specifically for your pc. I will not recommend you to download drivers using tools which are available in online market. Because those tools can create more harm than cure. I had some bad experiences with those driver updates. So in case of installing drivers only trust your laptop manufacturer’s website.

Windows Update: Try to find the update for drivers in windows update. You can do this by simply-navigating to settings and then’ update and securities option’. So by this way, you can solve if your touchpad is not working in windows 10 latest version.

If you followed all the steps provided above correctly, Your touchpad will be on track again.  I hope this article will surely help you for enabling your laptop’s trackpad. Feel free to ask any queries regarding trackpad in the comment section below.
If none of above steps worked for you, you might need to take your laptop to service center.





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