Android 8.0 Oreo

Android Oreo 8.0 Features update, What is new ?

Recently Google released its latest version of Android which is known as Android O 8.0, but there might be questions in your mind like whats new in this update you will get? which features Google has included in the latest version of android?  Don’t worry here I am going to list Top 8 major new features, and how they will help you . However the update might take some time to reach your Android phone, depends on the manufactures of smartphones. Google Pixel user can enjoy All latest features without any delay . here are latest feature updates: 1.  Smart copy-paste feature–  Android o has now new …

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Why Android Became Most Popular Operating System For Smartphones

Our favorite ‘Android’  is the most popular operating system among all other operating systems, but why? How Android has gained this kind of popularity within just short period of time. Generally, most smartphones over 90% use an operating system developed by Google known as Android. Here we will discuss briefly Android origin and of becoming our favorite operating system for smartphones. Starting story of Android Android was actually a project of Andy Rubin, we can call him as the father of Android. Later when Andy Rubin required financial support for continuing his project then the search engine giant Google became an …

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