How to Stop Skype Running Automatically in Windows 10

stop skype on startup

Are you tired of seeing skype just after the start of windows? It really annoys almost everyone. Skype is good for video calling and messages but you may not like loading of it after every startup. but when it just loads up every time on boot, it can make anyone scratching their heads to stop skype from launching.

No matter, you are using Skype for business or usual version.  There is no official way to stop it in Windows 10. There is no option available in the settings too. As the skype seems to be the part of official part of windows, no other third-party tool can stop it.

If you are frustrated from the skype , Don’t worry, I have found a simple solution for this problem. after following this guide you will not see any startup window of Skype. and you will be able to enjoy your laptop or pc without any problem.

First of all, you have to launch task manager in windows,
you can use a shortcut by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to launch task manager or you can search in the left right corner of windows taskbar.  After that, you will find an option ‘startup”,  click on it.

Now you will be able to see which things can start up when you start your pc or laptop, there you will find ‘Skype for business’ or just “Skype” in the list. just click on it and disable it from starting. Hurray, you have done the job. Now you wouldn’t see any annoying thing while starting your pc.

there is also an option in business version of Skype. there also you can disable it from starting during startup of Windows 10.

However, if above steps still fail to stop the skype from startup, Then you can just change the name of “Skype” to anything else,
So, Skype would not start automatically anymore!

This will also help you to stop the excess ram consumption done by Skype because it just launches on every boot, and eats all of your CPU resources and memory, Even if you want to use it or not.  if you are conscious about Ram consumption then you should read this “How to reduce the memory consumption of Chrome” .

This is the latest method, as I had also gone this problem. I searched a lot for solving this but I was unable to find any working solution. Then after a lot of reasearch, I just found this solution while I was just checking my task manager in windows 10.and it worked like magic.

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