SSD vs HDD: Which To Consider For Pc And Laptop

Ssd vs hdd

Do you want to know what is the difference between SSD and HDD, there was a time when we had the only option for storage that is the Hard disc drive. But now in the modern era, we have SSD which is much faster than our old hard drives. Yet both of these, HDD and SSD have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you want speed then SSD is the clear winner and if you want a bunch of storage at a cheaper price than the hard disk can be your choice. now we are going to discuss some major differences between SSD and HDD to help you find the best.

Speed and Performance: Speed is the most preferred feature in the modern era. We all want our work to be done within seconds. We all want our pc to boot up quickly, to do the tasks with lightning speed. and there is a lot of performance difference between SSD and HDD. Hard disk drives are slow to match up these speeds. because their speed depends upon the rotation of the disk.

But this is not an issue in case of SSD because there are no moving parts. Solid-state drives can read and write data without any physical movement, unlike hard disk drives. whereas hard disk drives read and write their data on rotating disk via magnetic sensor.and in SSD the data is stored in microchips similar to USB flash drives but at faster read write terms of speed, an SSD can beat HDD easily.

Because SSD doesn’t need to move around platters to read and write any kind of data. so if you prefer speed and performance you should go for an SSD.

Price: Hard Disks can provide you a lot of data storage within the small price range. But for the same price, you will get very low storage capacity in case of SSD. because HDD manufacturing technology is fairly established and SSD manufacturing is costly and new. SSD storage is more durable as there are no moving parts involved. so you have to pay the higher cost for higher speeds and more durability.

When price becomes an important concern there manufactures brings a new term SSHD in simple language solid state hard drive. which is actually a hybrid drive, combination of Solid-state drive and Hard Disk Drive. SSHDs solid state memory is used for faster storage access for important files, hard disk memory is used for other files which are not infrequent usage.these types of SSHD are mostly used in newer laptops. but there is a catch, you can not decide which files would you like to store on SSD part and which on HDD part.this management SSHDs learn over time.

Storage capacity: SSDs are way behind in terms of storage capacity as compared to HDD . when you want speed you have to compromise for storage capacity. because SSD technology is fairly new so its manufacturing is not established. you can only get around 4Tb storage maximum in SSD, which will cost you around 30 TB of hard drive. in simple terms, you should go for hard disc drive if your main requirement is high storage capacity. or you can use SSD as primary storage for programs and files . and for media files or larger programs, you can use external hard drive on the go.

Durability; When durability is concerned, SSD wins the race. because there are only microchip for storage, no moving mechanical parts. so SSDs are more durable than a normal hard disk drive. SSD are shockproof. but hard disk drive which has platters and the magnetic rotor is a delicate device. HDD can not resist shocks. if you accidentally drop your HDD, there is a high probability for data corruption,

But this is not a case with solid-state drives. Hard disk drives have mechanically moving parts and hence failure rates are high.there is also an issue with hard drives known as fragmentation which occurs due to high data read-writes, but you can defrag by using this guide.  but the good news is that there is no such issue with solid-state drives.  That doesn’t mean SSD can’t be corrupted. high data reading might not make solid state drive suffer, but high data writing, again and again, will make it suffer for sure.


These are the major differences between solid-state drives and hard disc drives, but the choice is always users. you can either choose SSD or HDD.  you have to find the best according to your needs and budget. I hope this article will surely help you find the best storage option.

Thank you so much for reading this article.


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