How to Root Android: What is Root Access

how to root android

What is Root Access

Rooting Android is just like the opening door of customization freedom in Android smartphone, Tablet or any Android device.but with some risks.rooting provides you the rights to make system level changes.However, there are a lot of benefits of rooting but rooting also includes some sort of risks which should be considered.

Android is the most popular operating system and the most customizable operating system. The ultimate door of customization in Android is Rooting.


What you can’t-do without Root

When your smartphone is shipped to you from the manufacturer at that time your Android smartphone is Not-rooted.That’s a stock device in which the control over the system is under the manufacturer.So you just don’t have full control over the software of your smartphone.because the manufacturer doesn’t want you to make system level changes.but if you are a geek then you might want the rights to make system level changes on your Android.

Here is the list of things which you can’t-do without root

  •  You can’t uninstall junk system apps which take up your storage and RAM
  • You can’t modify your Android system
  • You can’t change processor speed
  • You can’t change or modify kernel of smartphone
  • You can’t upgrade your Android smartphone to latest version if there is no OTA update


 What are the benefits of Rooting your Android device

  • You gain full system level control
  • You can get full access to cache management in the Android system.
  • You can modify Android system looks and appearance and its user interface.
  • You can apply different kinda themes to your device to get a fresh look
  • You can upgrade to latest Android version build before it’s sent over the OTA update via manufacturer.
  • You can install Xposed framework and customize from A to Z in your device.And can get a lot of new functions and customizations
  • You can uninstall unwanted system apps which are installed as bloatware.
  • You can install custom ROMs on your device.


What are risks of Rooting

So you might think now that Root access in Android is cool and must.But let me clear some hidden risks of Android.As when your Android device is shipped to you it came unrooted.As the software is untouched so it is Manufacturer responsibility of taking care of software problems in of your smartphone.but when you root your Android device you just gain system level control over your device.So rooting process generally voids your warranty.Great power comes with huge responsibility.

Here is the list of all risks which are involved in rooting.

  • Your Android device might go out of warranty.
  • No longer OTA updates from the manufacturer
  • The device can get software issues if not you don’t take care.
  • No regular security patches from the manufacturer

So that’s all about benefits, risks etc of Rooting.Now you may want to root Android device and wanna ask how to do that. Well, that’s really simple you just Need to type “How to Root Your smartphone”. Obviously, type your smartphone name at the place of “your smartphone” and you will get some easy and quick guides to root your Android device without much hassle.


How to get Root Acess

You can root your android using various one-click tools which are available on the internet such as Framaroot, Kingroot etc.
in most of the cases, you can simply root your android smartphone just by installing a single app.

But in some cases, you might need to unlock the bootloader to get root access.

And at anyplace you want to restore your Android device previous state you can simply Type In Google “How to Un-root your device”.You will find easy guides.


Although I think you might now know what the Root access is, what are its benefits and risks.Thank you so much for reading this article.


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