Are Lithium ion Batteries Safe To Use ?

are lithiom ion safe to use

Nowadays lithium-ion batteries are the backbone of our gadgets and all electronic devices, we use them everywhere from mobile phone to our laptops. but you might have heard somewhere about explosions of lithium ion batteries such as the Galaxy Note 7.  So there might be some questions in your mind such as are lithium-ion batteries safe to use, why they explode etc.  So let me clear some confusion of you that ‘not all lithium batteries harmful or dangerous.

Lithium ion batteries are the most efficient type of batteries which we are using in current time.  Lithium-ion batteries pack a lot of charge in the densely packed chamber.  that’s where the problem begins to start, HOW?  When a lot of charges has to be stored in the closely packed dense chamber,  manufacturers try to make the separation membrane as thin as possible to reduce the size and make the battery more efficient. so it makes them a little bit less secure.

Why Lithium-ion  batteries explode
Lithium-ion batteries have a good charge carrying capacity that’s why it is used in our most of the gadgets, But when we all want our gadgets to be less bulky, slimmer. The manufacturer has to compromise for battery size. so they try to make batteries slimmer and denser. So they can hold a maximum amount of charge within a small unit.  So the thin membrane between two terminals has to defend many factors such as high pressure, heating etc. However, manufacturers take some extra safety steps for proper functioning.

Lithium ion batteries are most sensitive to heat. When we put our gadgets to charging or use them. Lithium-ion batteries generate a small amount of heat. If somehow the heat goes beyond a certain level that makes the thin separable membrane of the battery to be the break. Which creates a short circuit situation inside the battery and you know what happens during and after the short circuit.

You may have experienced while using the smartphone that during heavy usage or charging process smartphones can sometimes overheat. So you should avoid overheating as much as you can. so for precaution, You should try to maintain an average range of temperature from  20 to 40 degree Celcius. Make sure that proper ventilation is available to your gadgets so that heat easily get-off.

High pressure can also put the lithium-ion batteries to the stage of the explosion.  When lithium-ion batteries receive high pressure either from an external force or from internal force such as pressure produced due gas formed inside battery makes the thin membrane to break-off.  So avoid sitting accidentally on your smartphone, or putting it in your back- pocket.

Conclusion – Lithium-ion batteries are normally safe to use.  But you should always protect the battery from overheat and accidental drops. You can use them without any fear of explosions if you handle them with care and maintain a proper charge cycle. Remember that lithium-ion batteries don’t have a longer lifespan than 1-2 years so for better usage and reliability change your old batteries when they swell or gives short backup time.


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