How To Clear Cache in Android: What are Cache files on Android

clear cache data

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou might be surprised to see that cache data has taken so much space in your system storage. Even when you clear those cache files , they come up again. Don’t worry. Here you will know, what is Cache and how to clear cache files from Android phone.


What are Cache files :

Cache is important for your smartphone and computers to speed up the processes. Cache files are generated automatically whenever you open any app or game in your Smartphone. The processor generates these cache files for future reference. For example, when you browse Facebook on your chrome browser, cache files are stored. Chrome browser collects information’s regarding thumbnails, logo. So that when again in the future processor don’t have to fetch those files from the internet server. Cache files are created for every application or program you browse.

But these cache files provides speed at the cost of storage. These cache files can take space in gbs . You might want to save space in your Smartphone. So these cache files might seem junk to you. But as these cache files help to keep processes smooth. So you shouldn’t delete cache files until they take space up to 1.5- 2gb.


Why To Clear Cache Files 

Over the time, when cache files are over loaded this might create system bugs sometime. So you can clear out all those bugs by clearing the cache of your Smartphone.

2.You might want to save up some storage in your Smartphone. So if cache files had taken a lot of space, then you can clear them.


How to clear cache files in Android Smartphone

Cache files can be easily cleaned by default application manager of Android .which is inside of settings.

1.Navigate to settings
2. scroll to storage option
3. Click on  cache data
4. Click on clear all cache data

And this will clear all cache data from your Android Smartphone.

Just in case if you just want to clear cache data of particular app such as Google Chrome. For that, you can move over to the application manager. Select the app and click on ‘clear cache’.


Conclusion: Cache files are super helpful for Android Smartphone and harmless. You shouldn’t delete them until required. Those files help to save battery by reducing the workload on the processor.

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