How To Fix Headphones Not Detected in Windows 10

headphones not detected windows 10

Did you just plug your headphones into your Laptop but nothing happens, like no sound or notification?  You might think that there might be any problem with your laptop” headphone jack, but wait there is another solution to solve this problem without going to any repair shop or service center.

Why are Headphones not detected in Windows 10? How to solve this problem?

When you just plug your headphones into your Windows laptop, there are drivers which lets your Windows 10 operating system Know that headphones are plugged in!

But what if the drivers don’t do their work, whats going to happen? Simply your operating system would not be able to connect with your headphones and send some any audio to them. Most of the times drivers are the main cause for headphones detection.

so if you had recently made any changes to the audio drivers, try to revert them or uninstall audio driver updates. These kinds of error happen due to third-party driver software providers,  I also suffered from these problems.

so try to avoid third party driver provider apps, they can sometimes download incompatible driver updates to your laptop or Pc.

or there is a probability that you might accidentally be selected your laptop’s inbuilt speakers as the default audio device.  So in that situation, your laptop or pc will not use headphones as an audio device.
Make sure to select Headphones as default audio device.

Headphones detection problem can also occur due to hardware dysfunctions, try to plugin different headphones to your laptop, see if that works?

Steps to Update/uninstall audio drivers

1. Type ‘device manager’ in Cortana search bar
2. select and open device manager
3. Go to the option ‘sound video and game controllers’
4. Select ‘High definition audio device’ option
5.  Then click on Rollback driver or uninstall drivers
6. Reboot your laptop or Pc

and When your Laptop boot up simply plugs in your headphones. You will find that your laptop will be now able to recognize headphones pretty easily.  did these steps solved your headphones problem, tell us in the comment section but in case if you still face any problem, you can write about that also in the comment section.


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