How To Find The Best Laptop For Your Requirement

how to find best laptop

Are you planning to buy the best laptop machine for you which can do all of your tasks with ease? But you are confused with lots of options available to choose.  which is quite ok, because you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a buggish or boring laptop which can’t make you satisfied in the long run.

First of all look and find what is your need or requirement is? Do you need a laptop for business/office work or you need the laptop for college?

Here are the key factors, upon which you should look for!

Processor–  As the name suggests that this is the thing which handles all the processes, whether you are playing games or doing some office work.The processor is the mind of your laptop, and you don’t want the mind to work slowly, or do you want? so pay attention to frequencies which are written on the specifications list, and find how much boost the processor can gain.

Remember higher the frequencies means higher the speed but at the cost of heat. So make sure that your best laptop should have good air-ventilation and fan- cooling. Now don’t fall in the confusion between AMD or Intel, they are just brands!  try to find the best processor according to your need, pay attention to the threading technology because that is what which makes CPU to handle multiple tasks with ease.

Remember higher no of cores doesn’t always refer to the higher speed.  for example, Intel Core i3 processors which are dual core can easily beat Intel Pentium processors which are quad-core processors. Now you will say how is this possible?  That’s because of threading level and the architecture-based difference between then such as  x86, x64.

Ram – Now the RAM(RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY) is the thing which can have a drastic impact on the performance of Cpu. always try to find a laptop with at least 8 GB of ram, Because it is required to handle all applications and Windows 10 os in the modern world.

Now let me clear one thing ‘more ram doesn’t always relate to high speed, you have to look for the latest DDR version such as ddr3,ddr4 or upcoming DDR5.  you may get the higher quantity of older DDR RAM at the lower price, So avoid that because it’s like quantity vs quality. you should Always go for latest DDR version RAM.

Operating system – Now operating system creates a big price gap between all laptops. for example, If you plan to buy a laptop with Windows installed, that will cost you much higher than if you buy the same laptop without any operating system or with free DOS.

Just in case you have an attraction toward Apple MacBooks also, then you might fall into confusion Windows vs Mac: Which Should I Buy .  in simple words, if you  decide to buy Macbook that will cost you much higher than a Windows laptop,  So in my opinion when buying a laptop if you want a price drop ,try to consider laptop with Free DOS or Linux  and you can install windows later with the help of USB pen drive. So you will save some money to your pocket.

Screen size–  There will be plenty of screen sizes available such as 11,14,15.6,17-18 inch.  You can choose any one of them, according to your requirement. Because screen size has nothing to do with performance. According to me, 14-15.6 inch size is best for an average user. If you need compactness you can consider small screen size Or if want a gaming Laptop than higher screen size might be suitable for your needs.

Storage –  There are three types of storage available in laptops, SSD, HDD and Hybrid drives.  SSD is much faster than HDD storage but you will need to pay some extra money.  Hard disc storage is quite cheap and slow if you want faster boot up and files to load quickly always go for SSD.You can read more about SSD vs HDD here.
Hybrid drives are also there on the list. The Hybrid drive has a combination of SSD and HDD, it utilizes SSD part for programs and operating system and HDD part for normal media files.



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