Defrag in Windows 10 : What is Hard Disc Defragmentation

Have you ever felt that your Pc or laptop is becoming slow day by day?  Why your laptop is taking so much time to boot or load files and programs?  Well, actually This slow behavior is the effect of disk fragmentation, which usually occurs while you use your pc or laptop. But the good thing is that we can reverse this fragmentation by process of defragmentation.

WHat is defragmentation
Defragmentation is the process of combining all pieces of the data to a single place, In other words, when we use our computers the hard disk stores data in rotating discs so sometimes the data is written at longer distances. This creates a time delay while reading that data again.  So when starting the process of defragmentation the same data is now becoming optimized and written as near it can.  Defragmentation makes the hard disc more optimized.


So when your hard disk is optimized and defragmented then it works efficiently and you get quick booting times.  Generally, in Windows 10 disc fragmentation is run automatically at intervals of 7 days by default but sometimes it doesn’t work.  I would recommend for manual defragmentation which you can do in Windows by going to >> windows administrative tools>> Defragment and optimize discs.



Here you can also analyze all partition of your hard disc and find how much percent of your hard disc is fragmented. I would recommend giving a manual defragmentation if the disc fragmentation is more than 25%.  which will help your computer or laptop to run efficiently. 

Benefits of disc defragmentation

  • quicker Bootups
  • improvement in programme loading time
  • quick files loading
  • Less power loss

Keep in mind that defragmentation of disk drives takes time and you will have to wait at least for 1 hour or more, that depends on the current status of your hard drive and it’s partitions.

but the good news is that it will be a background process, so you can keep doing another work on your pc.

You should not stop the defragmentation process after starting it, Why?
because when the disk optimization process starts, then all the data which has been fragmented is going to be rearranged in a fair manner.  so that means all of the data which is on the hard drive or partition of the hard drive is doing a lot of work, so if you will just the process in between, then the data can be corrupted or misplaced and you might get stuck with a Corrupted Windows OS.


You can also change the default frequency of defragmentation if you want to. I hope this guide would surely be helped you understand the process of defragging in computers.



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