Why Does Chrome Use So Much Ram in your pc


Are you surprised by seeing Chrome using a huge amount of memory or ram in your pc,
and you are thinking why a browser is using loads of memory and resources of your pc? What it has to do with lots of Ram!

Well, its ok to be amazed but that’s not actually a bad thing. Although it is helpful for you,
As Chrome uses much amount of RAM to just provide you convenient and smooth browsing experience.

But first question in your mind may occur that What is the solution for this, which quite simple.

Memory consumption of the browser is totally controllable and manageable by you, if you use it carefully and smartly. but if you make the Browser filled with lots of plugins, extensions, Chrome based apps to get the extra functionality, your RAM and CPU resources will get bombarded with an extra burden on them.

,Now let’s see what are the reasons for this huge memory hogging. Which are actually Not that Bad reasons, if we consider the functionality these features provide.

chrome in windows task manager


  • Multiple Chrome extensions,
  • Multi-tabs opened,
  • Chrome apps
  • Sandboxing
  • Pre-Rendering


Extensions performs  great to improve the functionality of Chrome, they can help you finding the best browsing experience you want but you have to make a deal for your Ram and CPU consumption,

More extensions you are going to use on your browser, the more extra tasks you are putting on ,  the more burden you might be putting on your browser.


You should only try to use the extensions which you use on regular basis, if you are not using those extensions regularly, then those are just burden for your Chrome Browser
you can even check which of your tab and extensions are using the ram most or which extensions are extremely resource hungry.

If you found that which one of extension is consuming the most amount of ram, you can simply turn off the extension, by going towards the Chrome menu >> More tools >> extensions.

Extensions mnu on chrome

Then just select which extensions are most important to you, or which you use on daily basis, if there are some which you don’t use regularly you should simply tick off those extensions.

By turning extensions off you will be able easily save you pc ram and CPU resources.



2. Multiple  Tabs opened:

When you use your favorite Google Chrome browser, Probably you aren’t going to be using a single tab for web browsing in the most of scenarios, Or are You? You might not be browsing the internet with tons of tabs but you may be going towards or above 5 to 10 opened tabs including those INcognitos tabs as an average user.

So when you just try to browse the web with multiple tabs, Chrome handles each tab individually, so When you have 10 tabs running then actually you are having 10 individual processes for the browser.

AS chrome is a browser of modern generating so it tries to give you a smooth browsing experience, so it just manages all different tabs as different processes,
Chrome has to make sure that each tab’s page content and scripts loading don’t affect other tabs.

For example, You might have seen that sometimes when you were browsing the web with multiple tabs on your browser, and All of sudden a tab is not responding or working due to any unknown reason, but all of the other tabs and the Chrome browser itself is still working seamlessly, why that happened?

Its because Chrome was handling every tab as a separate task.  Which makes it really efficient.



3. PRE-rendering

Prerendering is the feature, Which helps to speed up your browsing experience . as it automatically pre-renders the resources such as java scripts, images and other contents of the page which you might browse next.It does it on the prediction basis to load the pages quickly. Sometimes old content and scripts which don’t get deleted leaks the memory and increases the memory usage.

so it creates actually a parallel rendering of next page, so your Pc Cpu and RAM will be consumed for that too. Even it also creates an impact on your data usage too.

NOw if you just want to stop this, you can simply go to chrome settings menu > advanced> privacy and sequirity> Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly.


 4. SAnd boxing

Chrome also uses a feature called sandboxing which helps to improve its security features. as it creates a virtual environment like structure for every tab and extensions you are using.

So one tab can’t interfere with another. But again separate environment for every single task and tab puts loads all over the system which results in higher ram consumption and CPU usage.




But Why Does Chrome Use So Much of Ram or Memory

Chrome does it to improove the browsing experience
so what chrome does is, it breaks all of your tabs to an individual  saprate task and so more are the tabs more tasks there will be, more will be the Ram consumption,

Chrome is known as the best browser because of its functionality-features as well as for its smoothy browsing management. So to provide a handful experience to users like you and me, Chrome needs to utilize the Ram and resources.

While some of the users may not like this huge memory hogging done by the browser. As they like the browsers to be less resource hungry.

For example, some people might like FIreFox or opera browser for their less ram consuming behavior,  But in actual practices, some of those browsers may give frequent crashes or full browser crash due to any wrong script, because they might not be using the same technology as the chrome do.        `


How to check which extension or tab is using the RAM most in Chrome

It’s quite obvious after reading all this you might want to know which of your favorite extensions are culprits for most ram consumptions. It is quite easy to find out,

And you can check that out simply by pressing the  SHIFT+Esc  key in Chrome browser,
after pressing this a new window will open there and you will find a new window which is Task Manager of Chrome browser itself. Which is pretty much similar to the task manager of Windows.

Another way of doing this is simple go over to the Menu >More Tools>Task manager ,
task manager chrome

there will be all the tasks listed running on, whether those are TABs or extensions or any background services running on. You can also kill individual tasks from here, by selecting the process and clicking on END PROCESS button.

Now you had figured out Why chrome use so much memory and what is causing this , 

but the question comes here is that


Should You Worry About RAM Consumption of Chrome?

Well absolutely No, YOu don’t need to worry about the ram consumption of Chrome unless and until you are running an old generation Grandpa’s pc which is so tight on the ram and resources.

Ram consumption done by chrome is only for keep running all the individual tasks smoothly and efficiently, AS Free Ram in your PC or laptop is a waste memory if you aren’t using that then whats the benefit of that empty RAM left?


How to keep the ram  consumption of Chrome low

Well, you have to to get rid of those resources hungry extensions from chrome if you want to keep the ram consumption low, you should get rid of unwanted extensions which you don’t need anymore or was just installed by you for testing them out .

You can also disable the Prerendering feature to reduce some of memory usage.

Try to keep the  active number of tabs minimum

Or if you cant sacrifice your chrome extensions and they are slowing down your pc then you definitely need to upgrade ram of your pc or laptop.



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