are lithiom ion safe to use

Are Lithium ion Batteries Safe To Use ?

Nowadays lithium-ion batteries are the backbone of our gadgets and all electronic devices, we use them everywhere from mobile phone to our laptops. but you might have heard somewhere about explosions of lithium ion batteries such as the Galaxy Note 7.  So there might be some questions in your mind such as are lithium-ion batteries safe to use, why they explode etc.  So let me clear some confusion of you that ‘not all lithium batteries harmful or dangerous. Lithium ion batteries are the most efficient type of batteries which we are using in current time.  Lithium-ion batteries pack a lot of charge in …

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headphones harms

Are headphones bad for your ears

Do you love listening music on Youtube or Spotify with a pair of headphones over your ears?  well, there is something you need to take care of, YOUR EARS. Those ears which make you enjoy the feel of the music and to make you able to connect with the world fluently.  You might say how can my headphones can be dangerous for me, but actually, they are. You might get permanent hearing loss from headphones.  let’s talk about your favorite headphones and what damage they can do to your ears. You might say how can my headphones can be dangerous for me, but …

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Ssd vs hdd

SSD vs HDD: Which To Consider For Pc And Laptop

Do you want to know what is the difference between SSD and HDD, there was a time when we had the only option for storage that is the Hard disc drive. But now in the modern era, we have SSD which is much faster than our old hard drives. Yet both of these, HDD and SSD have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want speed then SSD is the clear winner and if you want a bunch of storage at a cheaper price than the hard disk can be your choice. now we are going to discuss some major differences between …

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touchpad not working

What To Do When Touchpad IS Not Working In Windows 10 Laptop

Trackpad plays an important role in our laptops for providing navigation. When you buy a new Windows 10 laptop, there is a probability that you might face trackpad errors during starting days. Which might give you a headache. But generally, you don’t need to worry about it. Because trackpad errors happen mainly due to software problems or you might have pressed a special function key combination. Here in this article, we had figured out all the main causes for trackpad errors. Which will help you to bring your trackpad back to track again!   Main causes for trackpad not working …

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clear cache data

What are Cache files on Android : How To Clear Cache in Android

You might be surprised to see that cache data has taken so much space in your system storage. Even when you clear those cache files , they come up again. Don’t worry. Here you will know, what is Cache and how to clear cache files from Android phone.   What are Cache files : Cache is important for your smartphone and computers to speed up the processes. Cache files are generated automatically whenever you open any app or game in your Smartphone. The processor generates these cache files for future reference. For example, when you browse Facebook on your …

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