Android Oreo 8.0 Features update, What is new ?

Android 8.0 Oreo

Recently Google released its latest version of Android which is known as Android O 8.0, but there might be questions in your mind like whats new in this update you will get? which features Google has included in the latest version of android?  Don’t worry here I am going to list Top 8 major new features, and how they will help you . However the update might take some time to reach your Android phone, depends on the manufactures of smartphones. Google Pixel user can enjoy All latest features without any delay . here are latest feature updates:

1.  Smart copy-paste feature–  Android o has now new copy paste feature which helps the user to simplify things. for example when you will try to copy a text which may be phone number then it will automatically suggest you Dialer app with the copy paste buttons.  This feature is not just limited to the dialer app, this will work with every app.

2. Control OverBackground Applications–  Android O has included a new option in settings which allows you to control the behavior of background apps, for example Now you can simply select how much apps you want to allow to run in the background. The new update also improves overall ram management of Android.

3. More organized Settings– Now, the settings application shows all things in a more organized and convenient way, all options are organized under categories.  so it will help you find any subsetting option pretty smoothly. Even the notification section is also improved, Now user can simply select which notifications should be on top, which one to snooze etc.

4. New emojis– Do you love using emojis in chats and conversations? Google has included new emojis in the latest Android O 8.0 and improvised all old emojis, Now they are more expressive and good looking.

5. Picture-in-Picture mode–  You will be loving this feature if love doing multitasking.  In the latest update of Android O picture-in-picture mode allows users to use multiple apps on a single screen it is somewhere similar to which you normally do on your Pc.

6. New Wifi Options – Now Android is becoming smart. now when you connect to public wifi, you don’t have worry about your privacy. because Android 8.0 now allows you to connect with secure VPN connection directly from Google.

7. Autofill feature in all Apps- are you tired of typing username- password again and again in all apps such as facebook, twitter or any other.  Now you don’t have to Remember all your passwords and Usernames. Android O can now Autofill all the data if you provide permission to it.  This feature is similar to what you get in Chrome browser for autofill, but this feature works seamlessly with all apps.

8. Play-Protect – It is official antimalware service from Google on Android O which protects android from malicious applications and games.   You don’t need to install any external antivirus on your android, which normally creates a burden on android. However, you can also checkout official page of Android Oreo. Which android version are you using currently? Tell and share your thoughts about these new  Android Oreo features in the comment section below.



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