Why Android Became Most Popular Operating System For Smartphones

Our favorite ‘Android’  is the most popular operating system among all other operating systems, but why? How Android has gained this kind of popularity within just short period of time. Generally, most smartphones over 90% use an operating system developed by Google known as Android. Here we will discuss briefly Android origin and of becoming our favorite operating system for smartphones.

Starting story of Android

Android was actually a project of Andy Rubin, we can call him as the father of Android. Later when Andy Rubin required financial support for continuing his project then the search engine giant Google became an interested investor. Google may know that Android has the potential to change the mobile world.

Google acquired project Android in 2005 for the price of 50 million US Dollars. At that time when Google bought Android , there was no other popular os for mobile phones. This inexistence of any popular os led the Android to be a famous and popular operating system during its initial stage.The user interface and user friendliness were a really a game changer.All users adapted Android with open hearts.


Even Google released Android for free and made it an open source project, so this led many developers interested in Android. Not just for developing apps for Android but also for developing Custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod etc. When this operating system got huge support from developers community, this was like icing on the cake. Because when more and more developers worked on that project that led to major improvement in Android development.The first Android version released was v 1.0 cupcake since then, there are many versions released with improvements over and over again.The latest version which is available for the user is 7.0 Android Nought.


The user base of Android smartphones is now really huge from any other operating system smartphones.


Android is now not only used in Smartphones but it is now used in everyday accessories such as smart watches and house hold items. It is considered as best operating system because it can be installed in any capable device just by giving slight modification to it.


5 basic reasons of Android Popularity

1.  Android was first OS available at starting era of smartphones. There was only feature phones available which couldn’t stand in front of Android in any aspects.

2. Android was a very user-friendly operating system from the starting point.  So that user could easily navigate through all new functions and features without any issues. So users were loving to explore the world of Android.

3. Android was  an open source project from starting. So that leads to developers hub dive into the ocean of Android coding and programming. This made Android a really polished and user-friendly operating system.


4. Android was Available to all manufacturers so that they can modify Android according to their needs and put that into a device. So the decision of Google to make Android open-source made all manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Lg, Sony interested in project Android. As these manufacturers started to sell their smartphones with their own customised Android os. This provided a bunch of options and functionality for the users.


5. Android is able to do multiple tasks seamlessly since starting, so users which were bored by their feature phones actually became the fan of Android. Android was a really innovative and highly customizable os from the day one.


Above here we had also covered topmost 5 reasons for Android popularity and why our favorite operating system Android become so much popular in the lesser period of time. I hope all of your questions regarding Android popularity might be resolved now. If you still have any doubt or question please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading our article.

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  1. Android operating system is good but I prefer iOS .but that doesn’t mean Android is not good as iOS. However this article really helped me to understand Android a bit more

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