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About TechVeeber

TechVeeber is a tech blog for tech enthusiastic people. Which promises you to for providing quality content for all your tech-related questions and queries which might occur in your mind. We make sure that you get latest updates straight from the tech world.

TechVeeber will always try to keep you updated with latest Technology updates.Purpose of our site is to give you an awesome introduction to the tech world.So that you get an enjoyable and informative reading experience.

TechVeeber always puts the best effort so that you get the right information without any hassle. Our blog always tries to keep its goal clear: which is to solve all tech related queries of general tech user.

This blog is not backed up by any team. Currently, there is only one admin who handles this blog obviously that’s me. I always try to write at least 4 blog posts within a week.


About Shubham Panwar

Shubham Panwar is admin of this blog.He handles two more blogs and a YouTube channel. He is tech geek kind of person, who just loves Technology deeply.

I am currently a student of Mechanical Engineering. I had always interest towards tech, computers, Android smartphones since my childhood. I always used to wake all night while learning new things in my first Android smartphone which was running on Android version 2.3, yup pretty old Gingerbread. I was the guy which learned some tricks and tips on my android, and then I would be a tech geek in the school who knows everything. later on, I found that there are things like blogging by which anybody can share his views with others. Then I started doing blogging.

I started blogging about 1 and a half year ago.I am currently not doing any kind of job because I don’t like 9 to 6 jobs. but my parents want me to study and be an engineer. but when I started studying I realized that it’s not the thing which I want to do. I am currently happy with my blogging career as the blogging has provided me the freedom to enjoy my life as I want. I think blogging is the best choice of my life!

Since I started blogging, I learned a lot of new things such as writing nice articles.I think that’s pretty much enough to know about admin for further inquiries you can follow me on Facebook.

For issues regarding copyrights, advertisement and for sharing your ideas you can directly contact us via our Email id:[email protected] or you can directly move over to our Contact-Us page. I am always happy to having contact with you.