how to root android

How to Root Android: What is Root Access

What is Root Access Rooting Android is just like the opening door of customization freedom in Android smartphone, Tablet or any Android device.but with some risks.rooting provides you the rights to make system level changes.However, there are a lot of benefits of rooting but rooting also includes some sort of risks which should be considered. Android is the most popular operating system and the most customizable operating system. What you can’t-do without Root When your smartphone is shipped to you from the manufacturer at that time your Android smartphone is Not-rooted.That’s a stock device in which the control over …

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Top 7 Android Smartphones To buy In 2017

If you just don’t want to buy an iPhone and then you can buy a Smartphone with Google’s Hot Android Os.The Android is so much powerful os that all big Smartphones companies use the Google Android Os.Such as Samsung, Sony, Lg, Htc all of these companies uses Google’s Hot Android Os in their latest flagship smartphones.On the verge Lenovo, Motorola,  OnePlus always offers the best value for money Smartphones in an affordable range. However, there are so many variations in screen size, body, processor etc all this make it tough to take a decision to pick up best Smartphone …

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Boss headphones with Google Assistant

Bose Headphones QC 35II and QC25 Now supports Google Assistant

Recently Bose Announced that its Famous series of Headphones  Bose Qc 35II and Qc25 will now officially support google assistant. Boss headphones are first to provide the google assistant support.  These headphones are definitely going to be the game-changer in the market. As from now, User can enjoy the Google assistant feature. Users can simply use the built-in Google assistant feature. This will support Both Android smartphones and iPhones. IN Bose QCII all the other features will be similar to its preceding other than Google Assistant. Boss also announced that QC35II will have the same noise cancellation feature as …

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headphones not detected windows 10

How To Fix Headphones Not Detected in Windows 10

Did you just plug your headphones into your Laptop but nothing happens, like no sound or notification?  You might think that there might be any problem with your laptop” headphone jack, but wait there is another solution to solve this problem without going to any repair shop or service center. Why are Headphones not detected in Windows 10? How to solve this problem? When you just plug your headphones into your Windows laptop, there are drivers which lets your Windows 10 operating system Know that headphones are plugged in! But what if the drivers don’t do their work, whats going to …

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Android 8.0 Oreo

Android Oreo 8.0 Features update, What is new ?

Recently Google released its latest version of Android which is known as Android O 8.0, but there might be questions in your mind like whats new in this update you will get? which features Google has included in the latest version of android?  Don’t worry here I am going to list Top 8 major new features, and how they will help you . However the update might take some time to reach your Android phone, depends on the manufactures of smartphones. Google Pixel user can enjoy All latest features without any delay . here are latest feature updates: 1.  Smart copy-paste feature–  Android o has now new …

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how to find best laptop

How To Find The Best Laptop For Your Requirement

Are you planning to buy the best laptop machine for you which can do all of your tasks with ease? But you are confused with lots of options available to choose.  which is quite ok, because you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a buggish or boring laptop which can’t make you satisfied in the long run. First of all look and find what is your need or requirement is? Do you need a laptop for business/office work or you need the laptop for college? Here are the key factors, upon which you should look for! …

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are lithiom ion safe to use

Are Lithium ion Batteries Safe To Use ?

Nowadays lithium-ion batteries are the backbone of our gadgets and all electronic devices, we use them everywhere from mobile phone to our laptops. but you might have heard somewhere about explosions of lithium ion batteries such as the Galaxy Note 7.  So there might be some questions in your mind such as are lithium-ion batteries safe to use, why they explode etc.  So let me clear some confusion of you that ‘not all lithium batteries harmful or dangerous. Lithium ion batteries are the most efficient type of batteries which we are using in current time.  Lithium-ion batteries pack a lot of charge in …

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headphones harms

Are headphones bad for your ears

Do you love listening music on Youtube or Spotify with a pair of headphones over your ears?  well, there is something you need to take care of, YOUR EARS. Those ears which make you enjoy the feel of the music and to make you able to connect with the world fluently.  You might say how can my headphones can be dangerous for me, but actually, they are. You might get permanent hearing loss from headphones.  let’s talk about your favorite headphones and what damage they can do to your ears. You might say how can my headphones can be dangerous for me, but …

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